United Energy and Multinet

The Challenge

  • To create a new collaborative culture and embrace the UEM vision of becoming the "intelligent" utility provider.
  • Co-locate all UEM corporate staff into one location within an extremely tight nine week Phase 1 construction programme. Include a Tier 2 Data Centre, test lab, office and reception area within Phase 2.
  • Minimise cost by optimising use of space and designing for flexibility for their growing organisation whilst meeting the needs of their revitalised culture.

Our Solution

  • The creation of an efficient and adaptable open plan, which features a central Collaboration Hub which includes tools to stimulate and encourage communication, knowledge and idea sharing.
  • Provided technologies which support a diversity of work settings within the open office to embrace the shift towards a more mobile, autonomous workstyle. Include quiet, meeting, and team rooms to support focused work and different levels of collaboration.
  • Minimised both the cost of the re-comission to the existing data room and the distruption to UEM staff during Phase 2 construction.

Their Return

  • A low cost, efficient, and adaptable office environment which accomodates different work styles.
  • Increased collaboration and knowledge sharing among staff.
  • An IT and Communications infrastructure compatible with other UEM and Jemena sites.