Why Resource?

We maximise business performance through workplace architecture.

Our focus is workplace architecture, whether that be an office, depot, clinic or classroom. Workplace architecture brings together facility, business and people resources to achieve business outcomes and return on investment through better ways of working and use of support infrastructure.

Resource was founded in 1980. Over the years we have developed a simple five step process to maximise the business outcomes of your workplace. We have completed over 2000 projects for over 500 organisations throughout Australia within Corporate, Government, Health and Education Sectors.

Each member of our team has on average 15 years experience, so you can be assured you will have the most experienced and competent team available, reducing risk, time and cost.

Our approach delivers maximum return for investment which means a better result with the same or less cost. We guarantee it. If you can find another workplace consultant that offers and measures the same return on investment, we will forfeit our fee.

Your return on investment is measured in terms of business outcomes, defined and measured by those who are most affected by the project using our workplace audit tools developed in consultation with Melbourne Business School. Examples of measurable outcomes we have achieved for our clients include:

  • Increased productivity of up to 55%
  • Faster and better quality decisions by over 50%
  • Stakeholder engagement increase by over 80%
  • 50% reduction in occupancy cost
  • Increased sales revenues by up to 10%

This business focus brings credibility to the entire project team, and wins stakeholder support. When reputations are at stake, and the challenges are mounting, we believe we deliver consistently the desired results – and you are dealing directly with our business owners, who place as much value on reputation as you do.

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The new facility (at Heyfield) will make the job of Emergency Personnel so much easier..staff from any of the emergency management agencies are able to walk into the building and start working immediately.

Peter Ryan - Deputy Premier of Victoria.