Workplace Resource

The Challenge:

  • Implement, promote and manage a pilot flexible workplace and co-working hub to accommodate Activity Based Working for small businesses who seek city based accommodation.
  • To research, experiment and trial new ways the workplace can operate to boost levels of productivity, increase worker satisfaction, maximise existing real-estate utilisation, and improve business performance.
  • Build an interconnected, resourceful community and collaborative culture which fosters social connections, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Our Solution:

  • Design and construct a pilot workplace at 351 Elizabeth Street Melbourne.
  • A variety of work areas for heads-down work, intentional collaboration, and areas which foster inadvertent contact.
  • A dedicated website linked to social media and co-working listings.
  • Organisation of events and promotion of the workspace.
  • A design that maximises natural light and views, a sense of spaciousness, a safe and secure environment with lockable storage.
  • Include sit/stand workstations to encourage physical activity and mobility throughout the day.
  • Provide wifi throughout the office for members and guests to allow them to choose where to work within the office.
  • Employ a new Information and Communications Technology platform, Basecamp to allow people to file share without being in the office.

Their Return/Business Outcome:

  • Successful launch and web listing for the ‘Workplace’.
  • Increased occupancy levels and revenues through new business.
  • Push the boundaries of work within a small, safe and experimental environment, and learn though experience.
  • Greater diversity of workstyles to attract and retain members who will flourish in our work environment.
  • Development of new protocols and agreement templates for management of a flexible workplace.