19 September 2017

How the design of your workplace directly links to productivity in your team.

Open plan workplaces that evolved over the 20th century are a product of management pursuit of efficiency and reliability that has its roots in early management doctrines. Such strategies have served us well, but are becoming less relevant today as organisations embrace new strategies including people and innovation in the new disruptive economy. Moreover, organisations are moving from measuring individual productivity to that of high performance teams. But despite this, management and the human resource profession continue to measure productivity based on individual activity and output rather than on team performance. Furthermore, organisations continue to design and build workplaces that do not support the team. While large organisations are quick to adapt to the new team based strategies, their workplace lags behind in the old paradigm, slowing business growth.

A high performance team is the new paradigm of workplace productivity. But there is no single productivity measure that can be applied to all teams. It is submitted here that each team has its own unique productivity measures, and this requires a "balanced" workplace that provides a unique combination of team playbook, team work tools and team work space.

Team Based Working provides the foundation for high performance teams, and it is being currently trialed by La Trobe University Research.

30 August 2017

Hot Desking vs Team Based Working

Workplace Strategies such as hot desking and Activity Based Working have been successful in increasing efficiency and collaboration, but at the same time they have introduced problems that limit the organisation's ability to grow and the employee's ability to flourish.    The solution lies in creating a team based workplace that shifts the focus towards team empowerment, connection and agility.  By supporting the team, it in turn supports and enables individual team members to flourish and innovate.

30 August 2017

5 Reasons why people work better in teams

Subject: What a well-structured team can do for your business

Organisations today are being built and re-shaped around highly organized teams.  A team of people can accomplish more together than they can individually. This is because a diverse range of skills are utilised to achieve a singular goal.  Managing employees in teams is a powerful strategy that is used to handle today's exponential rate of change.

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29 August 2017

How to use space to increase informal collaboration in the workplace

Subject: Tactics to adopt in your workspace today

It's a fact that employees yearn for social connection in the workplace - something that has a large effect on the level of job satisfaction. Moreover, social interaction goes hand-in-hand with employee collaboration.  Achieving collaboration amongst teams is not an easy task. Managing a team can be an art form however the design of the physical environment is the only variable you have complete control over.

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30 March 2017

The Human Side Week 16 : How can

Over the past decade we have undertaken manual time utilisation observation studies to track how space is used and how people spend their time. With new technologies, metadata can now be captured without the need for manual observation and analysis.

Week 16: